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    Just Married!

    Last week we had the most beautiful little elopement with our immediate family on my brother’s tree farm.
    My dad got ordained just to marry us (the ceremony was a beautiful roller coaster of feelings!) my mom made our cake and my bouquet and we had catering from our local barbecue joint. We stayed up way too late dancing and laughing with each other and our families; it was a perfect day.

    We’re so very happy and excited to start our journey together as one through life.
    I’ll be taking a short break from posting, see you in a couple weeks!

    Much love,
    Jess & Michael

    Photography by Morgan Bell Worley
    Photography by Morgan Bell Worley
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    Guilt complex

    They will.

    I used to get anxiety from worrying about neglecting certain stuffed animals by picking favorites.

    I was also always worried that they would be too sad when I left, so I ended up taking them everywhere with me. Family gatherings, church, friends houses. I got made fun of a lot, but it was a small price to pay to ensure my stuffed animals were happy.

    To this day, I always make sure they’re comfortable and sitting up where they can see so they don’t get too bored, because part of me is still convinced that they’re real; they’re just not allowed to talk or move with people around. It’s against stuffed animal rules, and I respect that.

    TMI: I am a grown woman (techinically) and I still cuddle 1-3 stuffed animals most nights, depending on my level of neediness. Michael doesn’t mind, but that’s probably just because he’s the sweetest person in the world. <3

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    Taffy loaves and a big question…

    It snowed a little here last night, just enough to highlight the piles of leaves that I haven’t raked yet.

    Last week Michael and I went to Gatlinburg with his family, they had rented a cabin between Pigeon Forge and Downtown Gatlinburg. It was a rainy and cold few days, but we managed to fill the time up with plenty of food, Phase 10, pool and a little exploring.