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This just popped into my head the other day while I was outside digging in the dirt or “gardening” as some folks like to call it. (PSA: I’m pretty bad at gardening)

Sometimes bridges require more than fire, sometimes they require explosives.

I’ve experienced my fair share of bad relationships and friendships to last me a lifetime. Every now and then I reflect on the times when it felt like my very soul was being drained by those around me, and I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I no longer have those people in my life.
I learned how to use dynamite on the bridges that needed it, and looking back I have no regrets.

Your mental health and sanity are worth exploding bridges over. Period.

Don’t ever let toxic people get in the way of your joy. Hold on to the ones who matter, are there for you, and who fill your soul, not drain it. I’ve got my little group of people who I love and will never let go of, and my cup runneth over.

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