Coffee and rain

It’s been raining for almost a week straight here in Kentucky. Melancholy rain clouds from hurricane Florence have covered us, unwilling to move on for fairer weather. We’re all busy working and living our lives. It’s quiet here. I enjoy a rainy day from time to time, there’s comfort to be found in a good rain. But on day 6 (more or less) there’s this feeling of gray that creeps up around you, it feels like there’s sort of a dismal blanket over us.

The edges of the oak leaves have just started to…turn a dark shade of red, you can feel that summer has passed. There’s a mood shift and nostalgia that comes with witnessing the end of a season, or rather the beginning of a new one.

I find that the best thing for rainy week blues is a nice big cup of coffee (or 6)!

I hope you stay dry and warm this week, and that you notice the small changes of the season around you.

<3 Jess

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