Thoughts on Death


I think a lot about the fact that our time here is limited. Sometimes it makes me shrink into a corner and cry. Sometimes I look at death passively, like observing a bee pollinating a flower.
Death is a very difficult thing to come to terms with in your life. I wasn’t exposed to it very often growing up, now it feels like it’s all around me. I guess that’s the way it is when you get older, you know more people, everyone else grows older with you, and before you know it you have to buy a new funeral dress because your old one expired… just like everything else.

Give your loved ones some extra time and attention today; they’re not going to be around forever.


Now that I’ve made you all nice and sad, have a great Hump Day!


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  • Elisabeth

    Yes, death is something we come to terms with by degrees. I, too, have flashes of the feeling/reality that we are all “doomed,” and all is ticking onward toward destruction. However, I have to remember the truth about eternity. Praise the Lord for the hope that we have. I’m loving your cartoon blog.

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