Anxiety,  Love

I just want to be home alone with you…

Michael and I rarely go out. We’re not big on crowds, we like cooking at home and we honestly just love our alone time together.
But every now and then when we don’t feel like dirtying up dishes, we will go out to eat at a sit down restaurant.

Inevitably by the end of dinner, we cannot WAIT to get home. When we… walk through the door and kick off our shoes, we cuddle on the couch and eventually one of us will say: “It’s so nice to be home!”
A lot of people think we’re anti-social, curmudgeonly hermits… well, they’re right. We’re old people in young bodies and we just really enjoy not doing things.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Make sure to set your future self up for a great Monday by doing some prep work this afternoon; set coffee, pack lunch, lay out clothes, etc.

Have a great Sunday!

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