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    Just Married!

    Last week we had the most beautiful little elopement with our immediate family on my brother’s tree farm.
    My dad got ordained just to marry us (the ceremony was a beautiful roller coaster of feelings!) my mom made our cake and my bouquet and we had catering from our local barbecue joint. We stayed up way too late dancing and laughing with each other and our families; it was a perfect day.

    We’re so very happy and excited to start our journey together as one through life.
    I’ll be taking a short break from posting, see you in a couple weeks!

    Much love,
    Jess & Michael

    Photography by Morgan Bell Worley
    Photography by Morgan Bell Worley
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    Will you be mine?

    It’s that time of year!
    Time to show your love with over priced roses, wax-like chocolate, balloons, cards, stuffed animals… and a toll on your bank account.

    Wishing you a very happy Valentines Day!


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    The holiday’s are finally over, which means we can all get back in our antisocial bubbles. It’s not that we don’t like people, we just like being with each other way more. WAY more. <3

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    Different style, just for fun. “Line-less” art.

    It’s the Holidays, pockets are almost empty, the cold is settling in, the days are short, we’re all gonna die. How’s your angst holding up?